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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your beef come from?

We purchase our beef from a farm in Colfax, WI who guarantee that the meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Do you make your sausage right at your store?

Yes! We make all of our sausage products right at our store for the freshest flavor.  

Can you make sausage without sodium nitrite?

Yes! We use natural cure (celery juice powder). We can also make most products without MSG if requested. 

Do you carry lamb?

Yes! We source from a local lamb farm as well as from a family farm in Jim falls. 

Do you accept donated deer?

Yes we do.  

Do you cut up deer?

Yes, we cut and wrap deer, and we make specialty items such as summer sausage, ring bologna, brats, breakfast sausage, etc.  See our Venison page for more information and prices.  

Do you do venison processing?

Yes we do!  Brats, summer sausage, snack stix, bologna, etc. Check out our Venison page for more info and prices.  

How do you do venison processing here?

We start by taking care of all skinning, cutting and wrapping orders first. Specialty items like brats, sausage, etc. are then made, usually starting in January. Some smoked or cured products take longer. We do all of the orders in small individual batches and we guarantee your own meat back. The wait may be longer but you'll appreciate the quality and the service.  

How much venison do I need to make a batch of sausage?

Nine pounds (9#) of venision is required for each 13# batch.

How long does my venison take to process?

If all you are looking for is skinning, cutting, wrapping, your order will be processed within a few weeks. Specialty items take longer and are started after cutting and wrapping is complete.  

How much does your venison processing cost?

Please see our Venison page for prices and other information.  

Will I get my own meat back?

YES!! We guarantee it!  Unlike other processers who batch everyone's venison together and give you a percentage of weight, Mike's Star Market processes each order individually.  We might take a little longer, but you'll find the results quite tasty!

What if I want something different with my venison?

Tell us what you're looking for.  Some folks prefer less salt, others want more heat.  We'll do our best to accomodate you.

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